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Equality of access for people with hearing loss – seminar

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This free 1 hour introductory seminar is aimed at consultants, architects, facility managers, disability access officers, systems sales professionals and technology advocates.

At the end of the seminar, you will understand why assistive listening is necessary, what Legislation and Standards are applicable to assistive listening, why induction loops are the preferred choice of technology, the type of systems available, their applications and why all systems should be frequently tested.

Course Availability

Ampetronic CPD Seminars are free of charge and available by appointment, if you would like to book a seminar please contact us. The seminars are also available online through Loopworks

Please note: when participating online, the webinar uses descriptive audio clips. High quality speakers or preferably headphones are required to fully appreciate the content.

Seminar / webinar aims and deliverables:

  1. To understand the need for Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
  2. The legal requirement for ALDs
  3. Available ALD technologies
  4. ALD applications and technology suitability
  5. Induction loop principles and operational standards
  6. Induction loop system design variations and considerations


  1. Why Do We Need Assistive Listening Devices?
    • Understanding hearing impairment (the basics)
    • Age and Noise Related Hearing Loss
    • The importance of sound and speech frequencies
    • Why hearing aids and cochlear implants aren’t the complete solution
    • Assistive Listening Device operating principle
    • How assistive listening devices help
    • Myths, facts and social stigmas about hearing impairment
    • The prevalence of hearing impairment
    • The commercial opportunity for Assistive Listening Devices
  2. Assistive Listening Legislation
    • The law and compliance
    • Building regulations
    • British specific regulations
    • United States specific legislation
  3. Technology Solutions and Applications
    • The 3 leading Assistive Listening solutions
    • Comparing solutions for the end user (hearing impaired person)
    • Comparing solutions for the facility provider
  4. An Introduction to Induction Loops
    • The operating principle and four main system components
    • Loop amplifier considerations
    • International loop performance Standards
    • Interpreting the Standard
    • British Standards
    • Loop applications (where they can be used)
    • Important concepts and solutions
    • Different loop designs and the reasons for them
    • How to specify a successful induction loop – checklist
    • Indicative costs of standard compliant system
    • Questions

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