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D-series firmware update: D_Series_v1.088 
Release date: March 2018

Please find available for download our latest firmware update for our D-Series amplifiers. Simply use the link below to download Zip file, and follow install process.


Description of change: Recommended update, fixes a rare situation which could cause a system failure.

Priority: High, please apply to all models where possible, at the first opportunity.

Instructions for use:

Follow file link to zip, called D Series v1.088.zip

      1. Load “D Series.hex” in the root of a USB drive
      2. With the D-series unit off, insert drive into the USB in socket on rear
      3. Turn unit on
      4. Follow on screen instructions – takes a minute or so

You should also be able to find install instructions outlined in your user handbook. Any queries, contact us on support@ampetronic.co

D-Series DANTE card firmware

To update the firmware for the DANTE card in your D-Series driver you will need to download the latest DNT file and follow the instructions in the DANTE Configuration guide.

DANTE Configuration Update Guide – EB38524_3_DANTE_Configuration

Latest DANTE firmware (released March 2019):

DanteUltimo with Static IP and append software 04_0_x.dnt

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