Ampetronic Learning Zone

Ampetronic Induction Loop Systems are solutions for assistive listening, providing access to high quality intelligible sound for the hard of hearing. These systems are a great benefit to the hard-of-hearing, and the demand for them is rapidly increasing around the world:

  • Assistive listening benefits a large and ever growing section of society - hearing impairment affects one in seven of us, a number that is increasing as the population ages. Providing fair and high quality service to this large group is becoming a high priority for any service provider or public organisation.

  • Induction Loop Systems offer many unique benefits to service providers and to end users that make them an essential facility in many private and public environments. Legislation is in force or in development in most western countries to mandate the use of Induction Loop Systems and ensure that this benefit is given to the hard of hearing. The adoption of the technology is becoming rapidly more widespread around the globe.

  • The hard-of-hearing community is increasingly aware of the solutions available to assist them, increasing end-user demand for assistive listening solutions.