Standards & Legislation

There are two types of legislation that affect induction loops, firstly disability access legislation, secondly performance standards.

Disability Access Legislation

equality-actIn many countries legislation exists or is coming into force to provide equal access to the hearing impaired. In the UK we have the UK Equality Act 2010, in the US there is the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar equivalent legislation is found around the world. Each act has it’s own requirements, some mandating the use of assistive listening, some actually mandating the use of induction loop systems. For more information on the UK Equality Act can be found in the Learning Zone.

In general, legislation tends to demand solutions where it can be shown to be reasonable that equal access can be provided. Induction loops are often the most practical, cheapest and lowest maintenance solution for giving good quality access to the hearing impaired, and is therefore becoming the mostly widely adopted solution around the world.

Induction Loop Performance Standards

IEC60118-4 2014

bsi en 60118 4 2006The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) produced a heavily revised standard – IEC 60118-4 – for the performance of induction loop systems in any assistive listening application. This standard is being adopted across the world as the reference for loop system performance. The standard can be accessed from your regional standards association or from here.

Ampetronic believe that all installations should meet the requirements of IEC 60118-4. For this to be possible the standard must be considered during specification, design, installation and maintenance of the system. Please consult our note on IEC60118-4 for advice on how the standard affects you.

More information about Standards is available in the Learning Zone.