Induction loop system components

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Installation Accessories

For help and guidance on installation please see our basic guide.

Ampetronic can help to source any installation equipment and accessories, contact us if there is anything that you need. We also supply a range of commonly used materials and products to assist in your installation:

Flat Copper Tape

Standard flat foil Copper cable / tape for loop installation under carpets or wooden floors.

Printed Warning Tape

High quality adhesive tape to fix installation cables or tape to the floor, with a printed warning to avoid accidental damage.

Direct Burial Cables

Cable for laying in concrete screed, immune to the corrosive effects of concrete.

Hearing Loop Signs

Large and small internationally recognised induction loop Signs to advertise the presence of a professional Induction Loop system.

Pre-Formed Counter Loop

A multi-turn counter loop coil, compatible with CLD1 or other local area loop amplifiers.

Counter Induction Loop Pad

A fabric pad containing a loop coil, for easy and tidy fixing under a desk or counter.

PVC Extrusion for Copper Tape

High density PVC extrusion to safely cover copper tape, supplied in 3 metre sections.

Crimps and Crimp Tool

Cable crimps are used to connect feed cables from a Hearing Loop driver to flat copper tape loop(s) in a quick, easy and effective manner. Crimps also help to negate the requirement for a hot works permit, which can sometimes be a struggle to acquire onsite when you need to solder the copper tape to the feed cables.

Blanking Plate full width

A full width blanking plate for rack units.

Blanking plate one quarter width

Blanking plate one quarter width

Blanking Plate half-width

A blanking plate is used to cover the gap in the rack unit if a product is smaller than 1-U of space. This Blanking Panel is half-width at 215cm long and 43.6cm tall.

MLD5 Wallmount Bracket

Wallmounts help to secure the unit to a wall space. This Wallmount bracket is to be used with the MLD5.

MLD7 Wallmount Bracket

A wallmount bracket helps to secure the unit onto a wallspace. This wallmount bracket is to be used with the MLD7.

MLD9 Wallmount Bracket

A wallmount bracket helps to secure the unit onto a wallspace. This Wallmount bracket is to be used with the MLD9 hearing loop amplifier.

Rack Mount Equipment

Rack mounts, blanking plates, panels and wall mounting brackets.

Rack mount tray

A rack mount tray is used to mount audio equipment inside a rack unit securely.

Wall Mount (ILD122/300)

A wall mount helps to mount a unit onto a wall space securely. This wall mount is to be used with the ILD122 and the ILD300.

Wallmount Bracket (ILD500/1000G)

Wallmount brackets help to secure a unit to a wall surface. This wallmount bracket is designed to be used with the ILD500 and the ILD1000G.

Wireless Kit

Utilising a LAN (local area network) connection and an internet browser enabled device to remotely set up an Ampetronic networkable driver via the network control panel makes Hearing Loop system testing or commissioning a much quicker and efficient process.

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