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D14-2 Class D Networkable DSP Hearing Loop Amplifier

The D Series represents the global benchmark for digital audio induction loop systems. The compact, elegant and sturdy units not only feature digital signal processing and networking functionality, but are also the most versatile and powerful solution available.

The D14-2 hearing loop amplifier is a 14 Amp dual output class 'D' driver; meaning a 60%+ increase in energy efficiency over existing solutions. Both drivers feature capacitive touch front panels with intuitive menus, built in test signals, and are fully networkable with a Wi-Fi accessible standard browser based control panel for remote set-up, monitoring and email alerts.

The D14-2 features 14 Amps per loop output plus ample voltage headroom, making it the most flexible solution on the market, suitable for a huge range of applications. The added power of the D14-2 provides a solution for installations in environments containing very high levels of metal, previously not possible without the use of combiners.

In another first for high-power Class D Induction Loop drivers, installation can be performed with total confidence, as unique multi-stage filtering ensures compatibility with both other system equipment and global EMC regulations. The D Series also boasts Dual slope Metal Loss Control that caters for a wide range of metal loss frequency characteristics.


  • Drives 2 output channels at 14ARMS each, featuring accurate and stable 90° phase shift
  • Networkable with remote browser interface
  • Digital display & intuitive 'touch' menu system
  • 3 modes; Main, Status & Quick
  • Highly energy efficient Class-D amplifier with low heat dissipation
  • Up to 2 x 1,300m2 Perimeter Loops area coverage
  • Up to 3,300m2 MultiLoop™ Low Loss area coverage
  • Compact 1U rack mount unit with internal transformer for simple rack installation
  • Optimised for speech frequencies with unmatched intelligibility & capable of high quality musical reproduction
  • AGC & Dual Slope MLC
  • Active status monitoring & remote fault reporting via email
  • Data compliant with: IEC 62489-1 Standard

Applications include

  • Lecture Theatres & Conference facilities
  • Stadia, Sports Halls, Cinemas & Theatres
  • Courts Rooms, Airports & Railway Stations

Standards compliance

This product is designed to form part of a system that can meet all of the requirements of the international loop performance standard IEC60118-4, and the relevant parts of BS7594. To fully meet requirements of these standards, correct design, installation, commissioning and maintenance are required.
All specification data has been compiled in accordance with IEC62489-1, the international standard for audio frequency induction loop equipment. Specification data should only be compared with data compliant to this standard.
This product is CE and RCM marked to all relevant safety and EMC standards, and is NRTL (ETL) approved for sale in North America.

Hearing Loop Scenario
System Design Coverage (m2)

Perimeter Loop Systems m2
Driver Metal Loss 1:1 Perimeter Loop 3:1 Perimeter Loop
D7-2 0dB 2 x ≤400 2 x ≤650
5dB Max 5m width Max 5m width
D10-1 0dB ≤1,000 ≤1,450
10dB Max 5m width Max 5m width
D10-2 0dB 2 x ≤1,000 2 x ≤1,450
-10dB Max 5m width Max 5m width
D14-2 0dB 2 x ≤1,300 2 x ≤1,450
-10dB Max 5m width Max 5m width


MultiLoop Array Systems m2
Metal Loss Non Overlap Multiloop Loss Control Multiloop Low Spill Multiloop
0dB D7-2 ≤1,765 2 x ≤400Max 5m width 2 x ≤650Max 5m width
-5dB D7-2 ≤576
D10-2 ≤625
D7-2 ≤961
D10-2 ≤1156
D7-2 ≤841
-10dB D14-2 ≤361 D10-2 ≤625 D10-2 ≤441
-15dB - D14-2 ≤289 D14-2 ≤196

Indicative metal loss scenarios are based on: 0db = a building with no structural metal, -5dB = a building with reinforced concrete (re-bar) construction, and -10dB = a room with steel raised access floor tiles, -15dB = a room with steel decking or reinforced concrete and raised access floor tiles.

Multiloop area coverage calculations are based on the following assumptions: 1:1 room aspect ratio, 3mm2 copper tape laid at floor level, base current varies depending on solution employed.


Product Code: D14-2

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