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23 January 2017

Improved Loopworks Measure V2.0 at ISE

The Loopworks Measure system was met with great interest at its launch 2 years ago and sales of receivers and downloads of the free app have continued to grow. As a result of this market assurance we have now invested in further upgrades to the service.

Thanks to feedback from our customers, and a lot of hard work from our development team, we’ve now made significant improvements to what was already a great tool.

There are subtle changes to the operation of the app, the test and commissioning wizards, bug fixes and significant improvements to synchronisation times with the Loopworks cloud server.

Furthermore, we are now offering free use of the Loopworks online data storage and certification tools for all but the heaviest users (limited to 20 new projects per month).

It’s a solution that we are justifiably proud of and one that we will be promoting again this year at ISE. It’s also fantastic to use in conjunction with the D Series browser control. There’s no need to return to the Driver at all during installation and commissioning as all measurements and adjustments can be performed using a mobile device!

Contact or 0044 1636 610062 to book an appointment!

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