Designing Induction Loops

Ampetronic can design your induction loop system for you. Simple induction loop designs are free, complex array systems will be charged for at a nominal rate. You can request a design here.  Ampetronic can also check your designs for free – send your designs to Support for this service.

Designing a loop system can be very simple, but it is also easy to make a mistake and end up with an inadequate system. Ampetronic Support can give you advice and guidance at any stage of your specification and design process to ensure your system works first time.

If you want to design your own system, we have a guide to designing you own induction loop system. To request a copy of Ampetronic's Designing Induction Loops guide, please fill in our request form and we will send you a copy.

However you approach the design of your system you should also understand:

Below you will find links to some of the tables and data that are contained in the guide as well as the guide. The tables and data are for your convenience but can not be used alone without the guide!



Designing induction loops guide   Designing Induction Loops Guide  Request a copy of our full colour 28 page guide to induction loops, available either by email or post. Please fill in our request form to request a copy of the design guide.
 Amplifier comparison table  AmplifierComparisonTablev5_0[1].pdf  

Comparison table from the full guide, with useful comparisons across the Ampetronic amplifier range

 Cable lengths vs amplifiers table  CableLengthsvsAmplifierTablev5_0[1].pdf  

Table of minimum and maximum cable lengths for Ampetronic amplifiers.

 Metal loss guide  MetalLossesv5_0[1].pdf  

Table of approximate metal loss with different array configurations

 Perimeter loop current graphs  PerimeterLoopCurrentGraphsv5_0[1].pdf  

Graphs from the full guide for selecting current for perimeter loops

 Array current graph  ArrayCurrentGraphv5_0[1].pdf  

Graph from the full guide for selecting current for arrays

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