Design service

design servicesAmpetronic can provide a design to give you a fully working and Standard compliant solution to any loop installation you may be involved with.

Complex Multi-Loop array designs are normally produced within 7 working days (average) and are charged at published rates on a per-room or per-independent area basis. For each project, a design charge will apply to every different room design. Identical room designs within the same project will attract only one design charge. Simple perimeter loop designs will not be charged for.

Each full design gives you:

  • Scale drawings of the room showing the precise layout of loop wires
  • Layout drawings for each loop array
  • Electrical connection drawings
  • A set of written design notes detailing assumptions, project specific information, expected performance, and required equipment list.

A typical design output can be seen here. (N.B. This design is only an indicative representation designed to address specific area dimensions and environmental concerns. It must not be used as a generic template as this will likely result in a system that does not perform correctly).

Designs rely heavily upon the quality of information supplied to us. In particular, accurate scaled building drawings are essential together with all the same detailed information as for quotations.

Please complete the design / quote request form and our Support team will contact you within the next working day.