Thomas Kelly's Seminar at Integrate 2012

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Thomas Kelly, Project Engineer at Hills SVL Group, Ampetronic's Australasian partners, attracted a crowd last week when he gave a presentation about induction loop technology at the 2012 Integrate Expo in Sydney.  


The seminar, entitled ‘Demystifying the Loop’ covered the following topics:

  • Why assistive listening technology is needed
  • How induction loops help
  • Be conversant with current Australian and New Zealand legislations
  • Understand Compliance with these legislations
  • Understand the working of the three technologies available for the hearing impaired, being Induction Loops, Infra-Red and FM 
  • Ensure system integrity


Hills have been working closely with Ampetronic for many years to ensure that Australia and New Zealand benefit from high quality induction loop systems, and Thomas learned his Induction Loop theory through us. Thomas has now had almost 14 years extensive experience in the design and commissioning of Induction Loops. He can often be seen speaking at various seminars discussing the options available to assist the hard of hearing and how to ensure the system installed provides a real world difference to the user.


Thomas' other specialty is in sound system design, typically challenging acoustic environments. He boasts over 17 years’ experience in sound system design for large Stadiums and Houses of Worship. Thomas' many years of hands on design experience, allow him to design his system solutions with a focus on installation simplicity and end user practicality.


Phil   04/12/2012 at 21:43

Thomas is such a hero!! And he knows what he's talking about.

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